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Buy counterfeit Money
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Frequently Asked Questions

Enter Your Information

If my Passport has been seized and wants a new one, could you help me erase my previous information and get me a new one with the same information?

To help you get a new passport; we will trace your previous information in the system using the passport number. Then, we will erase all the previous data present in it and register your new information for the new passport in the making.

What shall I do if my real document gets expired, how am I going to renew it If don’t find you people again?

In the process of producing a real document, we store all your information in the supposed database. You can straight go to the authorities of your country and ask for a renewal. Once the authority checks all the details stored with registration, your documents will be renewed without any hassle.

Is there any other way than Verification Diskette to find out my document is real or not?

We would suggest you visit the consular or immigration services of the intended country or the authorities who take care of this department. They will help you verify the documents and provide you with an assurance of being it’s real or fake.

How you operate and render services?

Our clients may reach us through the below-mentioned ways:•    Fill out our contact form displayed on the web page with all the details asked in it. Clearly mention your needs and requirements so that we can coordinate as soon as possible with you.•    Once we are available with your contact form details, our management team will take the proceedings forward and reach you directly for assistance. You can have a one to one conversation with them regarding transaction process.•    After we receive your transaction details, documentation will be processed along with legal registration and certification.•    Upon completing the documentation process, a complete verification will be asked from you. After acceptance made by you, we will be going forward with payment sources. The moment you make the complete payment for the intended service, we will send you the document at quick.

Why should I trust your service?

It is the most frequently asked question by the clients and valid too. Not just one, but many reasons will make you trust our services in one or either way. We have been in this service for over some time of 10 years and still counting. To build more trust in our services, you are free to check our innumerable testimonials registered by our valuable clients that speak words of trust and loyalty they have on us. On a regular basis, we receive orders from clients across the globe. And after receiving the documents from us, our clients recommend our services to others too. Do not just go with the words, take our services once and share your experience with us.

Is it eligible to use your documents illegally?

We deal in legally registered documents that are both valid and authentic issued under the name of authorities. We have been connected with professionals through which we make all the documents ready by information provided and send them for database validation. If somehow, there become the chances of our inability to register your documents for validation; we will inform you for the same immediately.

What is the assurance that I will only get real documents and not fake?

Upon mailing your prepared documents, we provide you with a confirmation of dispatch along with a parcelled verification diskette, database authentication code, and a telepoint code. This will help you find out about the authenticity of the document. The verification disk provided to you will make you see complete information about the document. Your document is 100% authentic and valid will be assured once it gets confirmed in the database automatically.

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    Thank you for your excellent service. It is always a pleasure to work with you guys. I am pleased with the services. They are punctual. And the quality of the product is as good as preached.

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